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Instant Gratification



The Film Festival for those who are ready

One year. 52 Weeks. 

In that time we view a plethora of works that send us running to our judges. Actors, Music, scripts, lighting...


So much goes into your creations. Isn't it time you had some immediate payoff?


Here at 52 Weeks, we choose winners every week -hence the name- and at the end of our judging cycles we post the winners, refresh the selection and allow others their turns. More chances for you to win with every entry. 

We started years ago as staff at the Port Hueneme International Film Festival. Since then we've held positions from Actors ourselves, writers, the staff at various entertainment companies and festivals.

Now? Now we open our own to solve what we felt was a need. You make something, you're ready to share it, to start getting laurels and get out there. Who wants to wait MONTHS? 

Dates and Deadlines

Season 2 of 2022 is Open and awaiting your entry!

  • June 20, 2022   Opening Date

  • November 8, 2022   Regular deadline

  • November 10, 2022   Notification Date



Do you offer trophy's?

Not at this time, but you will always get laurels.

It says I am an “Award Winner” what does that mean?

It's the format FilmFreeway uses, it means you won one of the categories you submitted under. You can double check after notification date under winners to see precisely what you've won for here on the site.


Can I resubmit my script for better consideration?

If it is during the same season you originally submitted, sure. Drop us a line first so we know to go look for it and we'll happily read it again. That said if the season is over, you're welcome to submit to the current season and we'll consider it as an entirely new entry.

Why does it say 'event date' if you don't have a physical location?

FilmFreeway's programming. Hey, they're great, we aren't complaining. It's a lot easier then the old way of handling entries!


I'm confused it says you pick winners every week but your notification date is far off?

Again, it has to do with the programming. We select winners from the previous weeks entries, and sometimes life interferes on the staff's behalf and so we do two or three weeks at a time. Notification date is set for after the event so if for some reason there's confusion on What you won, you can wait until then and check the website and we'll have a list of each winner and what categories they won for. We do quarterly rotations, it just has to do with how things are set up and allowing for human life and errors.

Are you IMDB Eligible?

Not yet, we haven't hit the five year requirement.

Why does your pricing show different then when I submitted/Can I have a waiver?


Discount codes/waivers are sent out occasionally but we don't have any general specials at this time.

Where do I get my Laurels?

Check your notification email from Film Freeway and follow the link, click on the correct Laurel and save to your device.



I have another question...

Sure! Send an email to the address below. Email ranks far below watching and judging films though so give us at least a few days to respond. That said we will not respond to emails that could be answered in this section.

Contact Us

email:  52weeksfilmfestival@gmail.com