We choose winners every week! Check back on notification day to see the list of all the winners for the current season!

Current April - Dec 2021 Season Winners:

The mountain - Best Screenplay

15 Roses - Best US Short Film

THE SICKEN - Best Horror

2nd Date - Best Screenplay

Expected Unexpected - Best International Feature Film 

SOUL'S ON FIRE - Best Screenplay

Wedding 93 - Best International Documentary 

ITLU AMMA - Best Foreign Language Film/ Best Actress 


Hearts Road - Best US Short Film

When Good Men Do Nothing - Best Screenplay  

Forbidden Love - Best US Feature Film 

Lady G.I.'s - Best Screenplay  

There is exactly enough time - Best animated film/Festival Favorite

The Devil's Daughter: A Harley Quinn Story - Best Horror

MacArthur and the UFOs - Best Screenplay


Who brings ice to a funeral? - Best Student Short 

Team Pierre - Best US Documentary  

You Were Just Here - Best Screenplay/Best US Film Trailer 

THE SHAMANS´ NIGHTMARE - Best International Documentary  

The Midwife's Case Notes in a Time of Contagion - Best Screenplay


END OF DAYS - Best Screenplay/Best Drama/Festival Favorite

KID - Best US Short Film 

The Top (or Killing Detroit) - Best Screenplay

A House in Time unlocked - Best International Documentary 

Unfinished Business - Best LGBTQ+ Film

Lusitania - Best Screenplay

Secret Library - Best Horror

Face Painters - Best Screenplay 

Lucky - Love and Blood in the time of Jazz - Best Screenplay

Letter from Bobeyan - Best International Short Film 

Diversity and Desolation - Best Screenplay 

Cursed Angel - Best Actress

Rainbowland - Best US Documentary

Broken - Best US Short Film

"Four Motherless Children" - Best US Documentary 

Silent Murder - Best International Feature Film 

A NEW YORK STORY - Best US Short Film


In a Whole New Way - Best US Short Film 

RUINS - Best Feature Film/Best Director

Dropping Out-Best US Short Film


It Gets In Your Blood- Best US Documentary 

The Double - Best Screenplay

Hide Your Love Away- Best Cinematography 

On / Off- Best Animated Film 

The Hit List- Best US Short Film 

As Organism- Best US Documentary 

NOBODY´S CROWD- Best International Feature Film 

The Forgotten- Best Screenplay

Remember Marie?- Best US Short Film 

A Godless Country- Best International Short Film

To collect your laurels please refer to the link included in your film freeway notification. Thank you so much, we look forward to seeing what you create next!