We choose winners every week! Check back on notification day to see the list of all the winners for the current season!

2022 Season 1 Winners:

She He It - Best International Documentary 

Criss Cross - Best Screenplay 

Friends (a film short) - Best Musical Score

The Rub - Best US Short Film 

Gilbert - Best US Short Film

If I Could Ride - Best US Feature Film

The Rub - Best Actor

Machliar - Best Screenplay 

Her Monster - Best US Short Film

Lucid Dream - Best Screenplay 

Alessandra - Best Student Short 

Voyagers of the Fijian Pearl, an island tale - Best Screenplay 

The Pot - Best Foreign Language Film

Street - Best Actor

Dissension - Best US Feature Film 

Street - Best Drama

The Dark Caller - Best Actor

Bad Love Tigers - Best Screenplay

Eye for Eye - Best US Feature Film 

Eye for Eye - Best Actor 

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON - Best Screenplay 

Black Daddy The Movie - Best Musical Score 

On / Off - Best animated film

Going Home - Best LGBTQ+ Film 

On / Off - Best Cinematography

Help Sweet Old Granny - Best Horror

On / Off - Best Musical Score 


On / Off - Best Director 

Almost Christmas - Best animated film

CHANGES - Best US Short Film

CHANGES - Best Musical Score

KOLD - Best Foreign Language Film

To collect your laurels please refer to the link included in your film freeway notification. Thank you so much, we look forward to seeing what you create next!