Award Trophies

After repeated requests from past winners we have added Trophy options.


For our winners who prefer something for the shelf or desk instead of laurels we offer trophies to commemorate your win. Trophies are 5" by 7" acrylic blocks. You may select either single award layout.


Please notify in messages during check out which option you would prefer to be in the title, also be certain to put the address we are mailing to. You are welcome to order more trophies if you won more awards, or desire duplicates. We will combine the shipments in such a case.


Unless a Name is specified I.E. Best Director, Best Actor we will put the title of the project!


If there are more detailed instructions you can send us a quick email.

Cost includes free shipping and can take 2-3 weeks we will send a notice of shipment through paypal. Please ensure all address instructions are accurate upon order!

Be sure you select the correct option for USA Only or International Shipping!

Single Award Trophy Side Reel $55

Includes US shipping

Single Award Trophy Side Reel $75

Includes International shipping

Single Award Trophy $55

Includes US shipping

Single Award Trophy $75

Includes International shipping

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