We choose a winner every week! Check back on notification day to see the list of all the winners for the current season!

Current August 1st - April 1st 2021 Season Winners:

A Son's Gift- Best Screenplay

Misha- Best International Documentary

The Messenger * Hermes Remembers- Best International Short Film

Clairevoyant- Best US Feature Film

Braaking Newz 003- Best US Documentary

The Two Gentlemen Of Verona- Best International Short Film

Suddenly Single in the Suburbs- Best Series


Ernest Johnson's Public Transportation-Best Screenplay

Bathtub Chronicles- Best US Short Film/ Best Director/ Best Actor/ Best Actress


The Gardenia Pocket Watch- Best Screenplay/Festival Favorite

In China- Best US Documentary

Ovals: I Dont Want to Love Myself-Best US Short Film


In Your Arms Tonight-Best Foreign Language Film

Almost Human-Best Screenplay

The White Room-Best US Feature Film/Best Actor


Only My Sister-Best Screenplay

In the Shadows: Untold Stories of the Mental Health System-Best International Short Film

Arcturus Rising- Best Screenplay

"Behind the Name SHAKESPEARE: Power, Lust, Scorn & Scandal"- Best Director/ Best US Documentary

LASTCALL- Best International Short Film

The Garage- Best Actor/ Festival Favorite

Justified- Best Screenplay

Alaska Long Hunters- Best Cinematography/ Best US Documentary

To collect your laurels please refer to the link included in your film freeway notification. Thank you so much, we look forward to seeing what you create next!

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